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      Dongguan Baowen Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
      - Energy industry serve the country, actions to protect the Earth

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    1, insulation performance 5-8 times
    The new PPR PPR pipe insulation using
    precious water temperature polyurethane
    foam core pipe + insulation + PVC (PE)...
    1, ordinary insulation easy to heat
    Common uses PVC pipe insulation or to use
    rubber cotton or cotton bandage PEF, easy to heat insulation, thermal insulation effect...
    2, save 80% labor costs
    Has good insulation factory, construction
    site without insulation can be installed
    directly to speed up the progress ...
    2, increased costs
    Traditional insulation pipe insulation
    operations do require the construction
    site, a project for at least 3-5...
    3, practical life of up to 50 years
    Baowen treasure inside and outside the
    tube with warm pipe insulation,
    antifreeze, sunscreen, wind ...
    3, ordinary insulation breakable, aging
    Rubber insulation tubes ordinary cotton
    or cotton wrap or tie tied PEF, after a
    year or two of aging, shrinking...
    4, the thickness can be adjusted
    According to the North-South differences in
    climate, Baowen PPR pipe insulation can be
    customized with different insulation...
    4, a fixed thickness
    Common insulation pipe insulation only
    3mm-5mm, made of plastic by extrusion
    foaming, reach the insulation effect...
    5, pipe bend, no deformation
    Insulation 5cm PPR pipe ends are exposed,
    without cutting, direct fusion welding,
    hot water over 95 ° Guandu deformation...
    5, deformation, poor insulation
    Hot water pipe insulation over the highly
    deformed, soft, etc., and more than
    ordinary insulation joints, tee...
    Standardization, no eccentricity, no vacuoles
    PPR pipe inner tube with national best Closed pipeline, storage and transportation from damage
    Insulation storey dense homogeneous, effective insulation Practical, long life, no distortion, no damage
    Convenient construction, low construction costs
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    Dongguan Baowen Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. has long been committed to energy conservation product development, application and promotion. Entities to create a low-carbon economy for the development, to provide energy conservation, environmental management, new energy, renewable Renewable energy, energy-saving equipment and other areas of technical services.
    Dongguan Baowen Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. adhere to the "technology and development," the companies aim to "quality Survival, "the quality policy, contributed to the"energy-saving industry serve the country, actions to protect the Earth "as its mission.
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    Address:Ai lingkan Industrial Zone, Da Lingshan Town dongguan
    Tel: 0769-88697268
    Fax: 0769-88697278
    Mobile: 133 6066 0086
    Contact: Mrs. xiong
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